My Group.

My group is an amazing little family of friendly, generous, smart people. We used to be all in the same place (Manchester) but we are now spread over the world.

We have worked on aspects of ensemble learning, feature selection/extraction, and information theoretic / probabilistic models for each of these. We have applied these to domains as diverse as bio-health informatics, adaptive compilers, and humanitarian issues around disaster scenarios. We’ve been sponsored in all this work by generous public sector organisations - including EPSRC, ESRC, and the EU, as well as private organisations including Arm Ltd and AstraZeneca.

I welcome applications for new PhDs - I strongly encourage you to read (fully) at least one of my publications before you even think of applying. I’m unlikely to return your email unless you demonstrate curiosity like this.

I also welcome Manchester UG/MSc project students into our group, should your project be aligned with our research interests - let’s chat.

Current & affiliated members

Dr Danny Wood
Postdoc, working on ensemble learning theory. Danny holds degrees in mathematics and computer science, and a PhD specialising in echo state networks. His current work is directed toward finding a statistical foundation for the concept of 'diversity' in ensemble learning.

Sara Summerton
PhD student, co-supervised with Dr David Wong. Sara holds degrees in physics & mathematics, and is currently working on ML for healthcare applications.

Dr Kostas Sechidis
Kostas is an Honorary Research Fellow in the group. He is Associate Director of Data Science at Novartis, in the Advanced Methodology & Data Science Group. He is an experienced researcher in statistical machine learning methods tailored to healthcare analytics.


If you’d like to contact anyone below, just let me know and I’ll do my best to put you in touch.

Completed PhDs

Who?YearPhDWhere are they now?
Tudor Morar2021Bayesian Optimisation over Mixed Parameter SpacesData Scientist, Dublin.
Kostas Papangelou2020Assessing Treatment Effect Heterogeneity: Predictive Covariate Selection and Subgroup IdentificationData Scientist, ASML, Netherlands
Georgiana Neculae2020Ensemble Learning with Spiking Neural NetworksResearch Scientist, BenevolentAI, London
Henry Reeve2018Learning in High Dimensions with Asymmetric Costs
Winner, UoM CS Best Thesis award.
Lecturer, University of Bristol
Sarah Nogueira2017Quantifying the Stability of Feature Selection
Winner, UoM CS Best Thesis award.
Staff ML Engineer Lead, Criteo, Paris
Nikos Nikolaou2016Cost-sensitive Boosting: A Unified Approach
Winner, UoM CS Best Thesis award.
Lecturer, University College London
Kostas Sechidis2015Hypothesis Testing and Feature Selection in Semi-Supervised Data
Winner, UoM CS Best Thesis award.
Principal Data Scientist, Novartis, Switzerland
Richard Stapenhurst2012Diversity, Margins, and Non-Stationary LearningSenior Software Engineer, Google, London
Adam Pocock2012Feature Selection via Joint Likelihood
Winner, UoM CS Best Thesis award.
British Computer Society Distinguished Dissertation 2013.

Read the press release here.
Principal Researcher, Oracle Labs, Boston
Manuela Zanda2010A Probabilistic Perspective on Ensemble DiversityData Scientist, Arm Ltd.
Amir Ahmad2009Data Transformation for Decision Tree EnsemblesAssociate Professor, United Arab Emirates University


Henry ReeveESANN Best Student Paper Award 2017
Nikos Nikolaou ACM Best of Computing, Notable Article of 2016
Nikos Nikolaou AERFAI Summer School 2015 Best Poster Award
Kostas Sechidis ECML Best Student Paper award 2014
Adam Pocock BCS Distinguished Dissertation Award 2013
Gavin Brown BCS Distinguished Dissertation Award 2004

Former Research Staff

Who?When?RoleWhere are they now?
Kostas Sechidis2015-2018AstraZeneca FellowshipPrincipal Data Scientist, Novartis, Switzerland
Nikos Nikolaou2016-2018EPSRC Doctoral Prize FellowLecturer, University College London
Andrew Webb2017-2019EPSRC LAMBDA projectML Engineer, vTime Ltd
Emily Turner2017-2019ESRC Domestic Abuse projectData Scientist, Manchester
Tameem Adel2016-2017EPSRC LAMBDA projectAssistant Professor, Netherlands
Ming-Jie Zhao2008-2013EPSRC ADEPT projectMicrosoft Research Asia
Nara Edakunni2010-2011EPSRC ADEPT projectDirector, American Express, India
Peter Sutton2010-2011EPSRC REUNITE KTPDirector, Foxdog Studios Software.
Lloyd Henning2010-2011EPSRC REUNITE KTPDirector, Foxdog Studios Software.
Arjun Chandra2008-2009EPSRC ADEPT projectResearch Scientist, GraphCore AI
Jeremy Singer2008-2011EPSRC iTLS projectSenior Lecturer, University of Glasgow